Rotary Club of Mactan - A year that was

Our mother club's achievements for Rotary year 2007-08

Fun-filled Fellowship of sister clubs Rotaract Mactan-CITE and Rotaract Deaf Cebu

It was an evening of sign language sessions,name sign stories,deaf jokes, abc-dance-showdown,games of samson,delilah,lion,passing the message of Santa,soccer and Kenneth,viewing Nacho Libre,sharing food, fun and unending laughter!A night every Rotaractor will not forget. View more pictures in this link.

Deaf Rotaractors Induction during the Family of Rotary Christmas activity

A day of fun and fellowship with fantastic friends and family of Rotary. The Induction of Deaf Rotaractors was held last December 9, 2007 at Camp Lapu Lapu during the Family of Rotary Christmas Activity. Please click this LINK and click SLIDESHOW to view all the pictures.

Deaf Rotaractors Bowling with the Rotarians

Bowling,Billiards and a break from the busy life! It was night of strikes, miss, hits, and fun! Deaf Rotaractors enjoyed the night playing bowling and billiards. See more pictures in this link.

Deaf Rotaract presented about Deaf Culture and FSL to RC Cebu Fuente

It was another splendid evening as Deaf Rotaractors presented a "talk" about Deaf Culture, and Filipino Sign Language. Thank you Rotary Club of Cebu Fuente for inviting us and warmly welcoming us! We hope that you would always remember the sign for "beautiful", "handsome", and "I love you"! See more pictures in this LINK.

Deaf Rotaract joins Multisectoral General Assembly/Summit of the City Government of Cebu

Deaf Rotaractors performed opening Prayer, Pambansang awit in Sign and an intermission Sign Language Alphabet dance during the Cebu City +10 Multisectoral Stategic Planning held at Waterfront Hotel last November 29, 2007. For more pictures please click HERE.

A Night to Remember

The Deaf Rotaractors presented the Opening Prayer and Pambansang Awit during the TRF Dinner at Waterfront in Lahug. It was a night to remember as they all enjoyed fellowship with the Rotarians dancing the night away. They've met a Deaf Korean who was staying at Waterfront. His name is Kim. He invited the Deaf Rotaractors to a late-dinner at Da Vinci's pizza. Deaf Rotaractors had so much fun sharing with Kim stories, Deaf jokes, and just about anything. To see more of the Deaf Rotaractors night to remember, click HERE

Rotaract RD 3860 Mid-Year Forum

RAC Deaf Cebu Pres Gigi and Sec. Janice join the other Rotaractors of RD 3860 during the Mid-Year forum of Rotaract Council of Presidents. Click HERE to view more pictures

Deaf Rotaract receive check from Rotary Club of Mandaue North

Deaf Rotaractors receive the check worth P1,100 for the initial printing of the Deaf I.D. advocacy card.

Deaf Rotaract first regular meeting and fellowship

Our first ever regular meeting at Marlou's residence. Click HERE to view more pictures

Deaf Rotaractors join Cebu City +10 Planning and Development Consultative Meeting

Deaf Rotaractors represent the Deaf community Sector during the consultative meeting organized by the Cebu City govt. planning and development.
Click HERE to view more pictures.

Deaf Rotaractors meet DRR Rtr. Jan and DRC Rtn. Tina

RAC Deaf President Abegail and Dir.International Service Frescy meet with DRR Jan Bascon (RD 3860) and DRC Rtn Tina Bacalso. Together in the photo are Interpreter/Rtr.Naty and Rtr. Donelle. This was at Robinson's Foodcourt. Thanks Rtn.Tina for being enthusiastic about our Rotaract Deaf Club and for being interested in learning Filipino Sign Language. We warmly welcome you and DRR Jan into the Deaf-World, and we thank you for opening Rotary's door to us Deaf Rotaractors.

Deaf Rotaractors film showing project

Marlou explains in Filipino Sign Language a documentary film entitled "Through Deaf Eyes." It is about the American Deaf history and heritage. Click HERE to see more pictures.

Deaf Awareness Video Showing

Fellowship with Rotarians of RC Mactan

It was a night to remember as Deaf Rotaractors meet and interact with Rotarians of RC Mactan. The Deaf presented a signed opening prayer of "Our Father" and "I believe." The Rotaractors were also able to teach some basic sign alphabet and greetings to the Rotarians. The fellowship was held at the lovely home of PE Mona and husband Axel last November 9, 2007. Click HERE to view more pictures.

Deaf Rotaractors attend RC Mactan Club Meeting

It was another unique experience for the Deaf Rotaractors to meet the enthusiastic Rotarians of RC Mactan during their club meeting last Oct 26, 2007. The Rotarians were very accommodating and warmly welcomed the Rotaractors with open arms and signing hands of I-L-Y! After the meeting, the Rotaractors gathered around and "listened" to PE Ma'am Mona as she shared some inspirational thoughts and positive words of encouragement for the Deaf Rotaractors. Click HERE to view more pictures.

Rotaractors interact with RC Mandaue North

For the Deaf Rotaractors, it was their first ever experience of being able to attend a Rotary Club meeting held last Oct.22,2007. The Deaf Rotaractors keenly observed the proceedings of the meeting and followed along with the discussion with the aid of an interpreter. Rotaractor Marlou presented the 4-Deaf Way Aim and also shared some Deaf jokes. Click HERE to view more pictures.

Rotaract Club of the Deaf Cebu in Motion

Featured Deaf Rotaractors


Hi, my name is Gigi from Cebu, president of the Rotaract Club of the Deaf Cebu. Now, it is quite a new task appointed to me. Bye. Thank you.

Good day to all the Deaf and Hearing. So let me introduce myself. I am Marlou Agbay. This is my sign name. Now I am President-Elect of Rotaract Club of the Deaf Cebu. I hope to be able to share about myself, to be trained how to teach Filipino sign language, to know how to do business like producing Video CD of Filipino sign language lesson. Also I would like to learn some workshop on acting and theater.


Good day. I want to tell you about what I do. My name is Janice Aparri and this is my sign name. I'm an officer of the organization Rotaract club of the Deaf Cebu.What do I do? I'm the secretary. I take down notes during meeting, or I video it. I'd like to have an open mind. I want the Deaf to be proud. I'd like to interact with other Rotaractors in the Philippines and other countries. It is important to know that sign language is our right. I want to build up, be open, to know and to understand, and reach our goals. I hope that we would all be happy, and enjoy, improve ourselves and become successful. It is important that we improve our Filipino Sign Language skills, good English sentence grammar, to be educated as it is important in order to find a job.

***Transliterated from sign language to written English by Rtr. Naty. Subject for verification and feedback from Deaf Rotaractors featured***

Excerpt from an article Rotary News, Sept 2007

Just by ignorance, the human race that is able and capable of doing anything and everything, except hearing; have been denied the basic and primary need - just to be a human being. The hearing impaired from around the world, just want to be treated as "Human Beings." They don't need sympathy, pity or charity. They want the same understanding, love, affection and respect as others. In other words, they need "Human Dignity" for their survival.

-Rotary News September 2007, "When the Mind Hears" by Varsha Makhija